Aleksandr and Anna Trbovich

Christian Challenge, Colorado

Collegiate/University Missionary
Durango Colorado
Christian Challenge
March 14

About My Family

Anna and I are high school sweethearts with the common calling of personal discipleship and relational evangelism. We have a heart for campus ministry from personal experience because our perspective campus ministries solidified my shaky faith and led Anna to accept Christ in her freshman year. We specifically serve the international and Native American student populations as well as other students who have never had a chance to hear the gospel.

About My Ministry

We serve as full-time collegiate ministers at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo. As a Fort Lewis alumnus, I have seen the need for Jesus on this campus. Our passion and vision is to give students the opportunity to explore and grow in their faith during their time at Fort Lewis College. Our ministry at Fort Lewis trains up young adults to make their faith part of their identity, teaches them to pursue God on a daily basis and internalizes the Great Commission by encouraging them to serve and disciple others, just as we have done for them. We try to prioritize reaching non-christian students, inviting them to become an integral part of our community. This gives us the ability to build deep, trusting relationships where we can openly share the gospel in word and deed, allowing them time to wrestle with the gospel until they are ready.

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Aleksandr and Anna Trbovich

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For our boldness and wisdom in presenting the gospel to international and domestic non-believers. For receptive hearts among those with whom we speak. For churches and individuals to partner with our ministry so we can continue the work we are doing. For those we disciple to become workers and disciple makers for the cause of Christ as students and continue to do so as they join the workforce. That our pursuit of seminary training can be funded and completed on top of our full-time ministry. Pray seminary is transformative in our spiritual and ministerial lives.


Commit to long-term missions support as our ministry partner. Ask to join our monthly newsletter and pray for our specific ministry needs. Refer us to friends, family, coworkers and church members who desire to see God's will done in the lives of young men and women.
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Fund ID: 010395-Trbovich,Alek