Alexander Lomangino

Towers Baptist/Zoē Church Network, British Columbia, British Columbia

Lead Church Planter, Lead Church Planter
Vancouver British Columbia, Vancouver British Columbia
Towers Baptist/Zoē Church Network
February 3

About My Family

I'm a single guy on the ride of his life making disciples full time in the coolest city in North America: Vancouver, British Columbia!

Before I met Jesus, my life was filled with loneliness and shame. I didn't feel I belonged anywhere, so I would become like a "chameleon" to fit in. This didn't help; it just made my problems worse. Eventually, I heard the truth that my problems were deeper than not fitting in. I was destined to be separated from God forever due to my sin. But because of the glorious gospel message, I could surrender to Jesus and find security in Him now and for all of eternity. Now because of Jesus and everything He is for me, I have a sense of purpose and belonging as a child of God.

In my free time I enjoy various types of indie music, reading way too much, pop culture, hiking and drinking locally roasted coffee.

About My Church Plant

In partnership with Towers Baptist locally, I am planting Zoē Church (pronounced Zo-eh?) in metro Vancouver. Zoē is the Greek word for life. A deeper study defines zoē as an abundance of life or eternal life that comes through knowing Jesus alone (John 10:10; 17:3).

Our vision: To see metro Vancouver move from death into life with Jesus.

Mission: To cultivate communities of healthy people who multiply life with Jesus everywhere.

The desired structure for Zoē is one church networked across metro Vancouver in many unique expressions called missional communities of grace (COGs). These COGs will enable us to serve our expensive, complex and diverse city without breaking the bank.

In God's grace and timing, foundations for new COGs are slowly being laid at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, B.C., and in southeast Vancouver.

NAMB Church Planting

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Alexander Lomangino

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- Pray that I and every person I work with would love Jesus above all else. - Pray that I would stay humble and reliant on the Lord (John 15:5). - Pray for my overall health. - Pray for open doors to share the gospel. - Pray for persons of peace to open new relational networks. - Pray for people to find life with Jesus (NEW CONVERTS). - Pray for long term discipleship relationships. - Pray for new committed team members and COG leaders. - Pray for staff and lay elders to eventually preside over municipal regions of COGs. - Pray for Towers Baptist as they supervise me and support me locally. - Pray for more financial partners who are committed for the long haul.


- Connect as a Supporting Church financially. - Send short term missions teams to participate in our ministry locally. - Send interns to serve with us locally for five weeks to a year. - Consider joining the team full time. - Parlay for us by getting others to join in the fun through praying, paying and participating.
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