Allison Crampton

Redeemer Church Norman, Oklahoma

Collegiate/University Missionary
Norman Oklahoma
Redeemer Church Norman
September 13

About My Family

I grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor's degree in Professional Writing and a minor in General Business. I am blessed with a wonderful family. My parents still live in my hometown west of Oklahoma City, and my younger sister is pursuing her degree in Arkansas. My family played a large role in my faith story and helped me to become the woman I am today.

College was a sweet time in my walk with Jesus. It was a time of immense growth. During my college years, the Lord confirmed my call to ministry and gave me clarity as to what this calling would look like.

Additionally, a large part of my college degree focused on storytelling. This serves me well as I am passionate about hearing people's stories and helping them understand how their story fits into the larger story of the gospel.

About My Ministry

I am a campus minister at the University of Oklahoma (OU) with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM).

I spent a lot of my time in college being invested in and investing in the lives of others at the OU BCM. I am ecstatic to be able to continue this and help train others, just as I was trained, to be a disciple-making-disciple.

As a BCM staff member and campus minister, my role is to help further the continued mission of helping students know, love and glorify God. I do this by primarily working with freshmen and focusing on group life development.

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Allison Crampton

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Please pray for boldness to share the gospel and open hearts among the people to whom I speak. Pray that through this ministry, more people would come to saving faith and live on mission. Pray for stamina and longevity for ministry amidst attacks from the enemy.


I'd love to build a relationship with you and share the work God is doing on campus with you! You can participate by joining my ministry team financially and/or through prayer. I will send a semi-monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the work God is doing at the University of Oklahoma. I appreciate your support, prayers and words of encouragement!
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