Austin Paine

Redeemer Church , Oklahoma

Collegiate/University Missionary
Norman Oklahoma
Redeemer Church
April 7

About My Family

My name is Austin Paine, and I am a collegiate missionary at the University of Oklahoma (OU). I am 22 years old and attended OU recently. My time at OU was amazing, and I want to invest in this campus and in its students. November 1, 2019, I became engaged to Brecke Pitt, the most amazing woman I have ever met. We are currently planning our wedding, which should take place in May 2020!

About My Ministry

The goal of my ministry here at OU is simple. I want to share the gospel with any and all students I meet for the glory of God. Our university has a large number of students, and they can at times feel isolated. I want to take the good news that Jesus loves each and every student here enough to die for them and for all who feel alone. I also care about investing in and equipping student leaders who can better reach the campus and their peers now that I am no longer a student.

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Austin Paine

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Pray for revival at our campus and that the students gain a desire for truth. Pray that I can effectively and clearly communicate the gospel and live it out every day. Pray that I would seek to build new relationships without overbooking myself.


Please join in praying for the students of the University of Oklahoma. Join with me financially so I can spend my time pursuing relationships with students.
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