Bryan Staab

Adullam Church, Washington
Lead Church Planter
Bothell Washington
Adullam Church
December 28

About My Family

In January 2011, I planted a church in Seattle, Wash. What was supposed to be nothing more than a weekly Bible study around my dining room table with four men turned into 70 people crammed into my house each Wednesday night with overflow seating on staircases and the kitchen counter! This fellowship of young 20- and 30-somethings soon became a church, calling ourselves The Missional Community Church.
True to our name, we made it our mission to love and serve our homeless and disenfranchised neighbors. More than 30 people were baptized in our first year, and the church continued to drive full steam ahead. It was an exciting time of growth and the future seemed bright; however, recognizing that I had established a church on the foundation of mission rather than on discipleship, I prayerfully took a step of obedience to start again by re-laying the foundation. For the next three years, I committed myself to learning the art of discipleship and planted Adullam Church in September 2015 with a refined and renewed vision.
I am unapologetically an extreme homebody, except for workouts at the gym. The men's and women’s discipleship homes are within walking distance of my house, so my life can overlap organically with the disciples’ throughout the week. My greatest passion is to make teams of disciples who will make a kingdom impact in our city.

About My Church Plant

We are called Adullam Church. When David fled from Saul, he escaped to the cave of Adullam, where any soul who was in distress, in debt and discontented gathered to him to form a miniature kingdom of about 400 men, of whom David became captain. Out of these rose the legendary team, the Mighty Men, who performed heroic feats of bravery and valor alongside their king in the fiercest of battles. But this was only a foreshadowing of the King to come who would be much greater than David.
Centuries later, King Jesus appeared in Galilee and gathered to himself 12 ordinary, distressed, indebted and discontented souls and trained them to become a mighty team and sent them on the most epic and urgent mission of the kingdom: to release spiritual prisoners with the gospel and to make them mighty by making disciples of them. Adullam is a story of rebels becoming warriors and ordinary individuals being transformed into mighty teams to impact their world for their king.
We are modern-day Adullamites, modern-day disciples of Jesus. Our vision is to be a movement of hundreds of neighborhood, disciple-making churches that saturates and renews Seattle with the gospel of Jesus. Our goal is to plant many churches for the good of the city. We believe the ultimate metric of a successful church is the size of its impact on individuals, neighborhoods and culture rather than the size of a congregation. By 2024—8 years from now—we aim to plant a total of 30 churches throughout the neighborhoods of Seattle. Each church will be the size of an extended family of about 30 members that develops personal relationships with neighbors and adopts and serves its particular neighborhood (30 neighborhoods to be exact) for a citywide impact.

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