Christopher Sims

WindCity Church, Wyoming
Casper Wyoming
WindCity Church
April 15

About My Family

My wife, Eve, and I have three lovely daughters. Twins Brianna and Katelyn are 16, and Emma is 10. We are originally from Arkansas.

About My Ministry

We serve as church planter missionaries in Wyoming in the small city of Casper (metro population of 80,000). WindCity Church is just beginning its third year of ministry, and we have helped begin three other churches in Wyoming thus far. I also serve as a church-based church planting catalyst for the North American Mission Board.


–For church plants as they move out of infancy and for more churches to begin and effectively share Christ in Wyoming. –For planter families as they serve in the midst of spiritual warfare. –For us as we raise up leaders within each ministry.


Our greatest need is to see support for these new works develop from both internal sources (local church giving) and external sources (support from churches and individuals).
Many missionaries build a team to join their ministry in prayer, participation, and provision. These friends, family and churches support missionaries beyond the tithes and offerings given within the church plant. Visit for NAMB's policy on providing for church plants.
Fund ID: 6IHNX4-Sims,Christop