Ethan Seifried

Refuge Church, Georgia
Lead Church Planter
Atlanta Georgia
Refuge Church
March 28
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About My Family

Ethan and his wife, Lauren, have been married since 2010 and have four young boys: Liam, Ezra, Malachi and Jack. They live in southeast Atlanta and can be found working out and swimming at the Carver YMCA or checking out some great books at the public library next door to Refuge Church.

About My Church Plant

Ethan joined the staff of Refuge Church as lead pastor on July 1, 2019, about two years into the church plant. Ethan is a teacher at heart and has a vision to see the diverse people of Atlanta become family through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Diversity should be seen as a benefit, not a challenge, to ministry. The gospel unites people across racial, cultural, socio-economic and generational boundaries.

Refuge Church is a beautiful representation of God's creativity expressed in humanity. We all have something to learn from each other, and at Refuge we seek to do just that by taking a learning posture toward one another and choosing sacrifice over comfort and service over preference.

Come worship with us on Sundays and see the beautiful diversity of God's family at Refuge Church!

NAMB Church Planting

Millions living in North America have not been reached with the gospel. But a new church makes change possible in an unreached neighborhood.
Send Network church planters immerse themselves in a community, learning the rhythms and culture as they establish relationships with the lost. A church plant grows out of the evangelism efforts of the planter and his core team.


Pray for the Ethan’s family as they work together in ministry. Pray that Refuge will be established and will faithfully work to plant in other communities, too. Pray the Lord brings leaders who can help the ministry of Refuge. Pray for stamina and longevity for ministry amidst attacks from the enemy.


Come check us out on Sundays at 10 a.m. Being just 10 minutes from downtown Atlanta, we're a short drive from anywhere in the city. We'd love to connect with you and share our vision for God's church in the heart of one of the country's most diverse and beautiful cities.
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