Francisco Garcia

Set Free El Cajon , California
Lead Church Planter
El Cajon California
Set Free El Cajon
February 10

About My Family

My name is Francisco Garcia. I love Jesus, good music, fast cars and cool stuff. I dig hiking and mountain biking. I love good food, adventure and fun experiences. I'm single, I have no kids, and my dogs belong to someone else, hahaha. I read and write on my free time and love to cook.

About My Church Plant

My ministry life started in Oceanside through discipleship in 2018. In 2019, we planted a church in El Cajon, Calif., where I was named the director and am currently serving as the lead church planter.

NAMB Church Planting

Millions in North America are in desperate need of hope. Ultimately, the only hope that’s going to last - in this life and the next - is the hope of the gospel. North American missionaries build relationships and share this hope in their communities and beyond.


Pray for a deeper understanding of those who are lost and suffering. Pray for humility, patience and focus. Pray for endurance, strength and good fellowship. Pray for wisdom and the application of it. Pray for provision of finances and resources. Pray I will be refreshed. Pray I serve Him as a better man. Pray God will show me how I can do more. Pray for my health.


I am always game to connect with anyone looking to serve and help others.
Learn the ministry strategy and context, so you can provide relevant resources. Support a missionary financially.
Fund ID: 4GZAAK-Garcia,Franci