Johan Perez

Grace Harbor Church New Bedford, Rhode Island

Church Planting Team Member
Providence Rhode Island
Grace Harbor Church New Bedford
January 26

About My Family

Johan was born and raised in the city of Bogota, Colombia. He has lived in America for the past 20 years. He came to America to go to college and soon after graduation married Sarah, whom he met through college ministry.

Johan became a believer at an early age thanks to his grandmother taking him to church where he heard the gospel preached. He has been gifted with administrative and discipleship skills.

Johan and Sarah have three beautiful daughters: Adaya (9), Kalina (6) and Linnea (4). They love dancing, playing board games, drawing and coloring.

About My Church Plant

Johan is currently preparing to serve in New Bedford, Mass., with Grace Harbor Church as a missionary, evangelizing, discipling and serving in the area of administration. New Bedford is a city of almost 150,00 people with little gospel witness and many social problems, high crime rates, underprivileged schools and a big opiate problem. The city is in need of hearing the good news of the gospel and establishing a faithful, gospel-exalting church.

Our desire is to see the residents of our city turn from their apathy, idols and addictions toward a life surrendered to Christ. We are laboring to show, teach and equip men and women in our neighborhoods to be fully mature in Christ with the goal of them becoming indigenous godly leaders in their homes, neighborhoods and the local church.

NAMB Church Planting

Millions in North America are in desperate need of hope. Ultimately, the only hope that’s going to last - in this life and the next - is the hope of the gospel. North American missionaries build relationships and share this hope in their communities and beyond.

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Johan Perez

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This contribution is made with the understanding that The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds, and gifts received above the specific need will be used in similar areas where the need is greatest.


Pray for the Lord to intentionally and strategically establish a gospel-exalting church in the city of New Bedford. Pray for all that is required for the residents of New Bedford to reach full maturity in Christ. Pray for needed finances, our team and our neighbors. We believe the local church is the modern day lighthouse, giving direction to the lost and hope to the hopeless.


There are several ways to be an active participant in what God is doing in New Bedford. Pray for salvation for the people of New Bedford. Pray for our family to live boldly, always looking to Jesus as our provider and comforter. Pray for provision for the missionaries in New Bedford and resources the church can use to serve the community. Consider giving financially either a one time gift or a monthly commitment—or come join us!
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Fund ID: W6I5VI-Perez,Johan