Jonathan Arrington

Simple Church Network of Auburn and Opelika, Alabama

Collegiate/University Missionary
Auburn Alabama
Simple Church Network of Auburn and Opelika
October 7

About My Family

In December 2017, I graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in agronomy and soils. During my ninth-grade year of high school, I felt a call to vocational ministry. Late in my college career I did something about it. As I pursued this path, I had a newfound passion for making Jesus known, but I was beyond lost in knowing what to do with that passion. I became frustrated and desperate to hear from the Lord. I reached out to my community of believers for prayer. Within the week the Lord answered my prayer. He led me into my college pastor's office. I remember feeling the Holy Spirit speak so clearly to us in that meeting. Through our conversation, the Holy Spirit had definitely spoken to us that this would be the next step in ministry for us. It was so sudden, so much to think about, yet so clear.

About My Ministry

I will be working as a collegiate missionary on Auburn University's campus focusing on church planting. I will be working alongside Trace Hamiter and Taylor Teel. We are forming the beginnings of a church plant model that my team and I will use when we move Amherst, Mass. While at Auburn I will be training in church planting and leading a team that will help start a church in Amherst. We are targeting college campuses because they are under-reached. Students are eager and easy to train and send. They are able to move strategically into lost areas of our country and even around the world. This vision excites me and moves me to meet college students and all people where they are that they might transition their lives around Jesus.

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Jonathan Arrington

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–That we would have a strong desire to push back lostness in our local communities.
–For receptive hearts as we go out into our community with the gospel.
–That the people who partner with us might sacrifice everything to make Jesus known.
–For vision in long-term church planting.
–For guys to join our long-term team in Amherst.


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