Jong-Ho Kim

Nations Church Houston , Texas

Church Planting Team Member
Houston Texas
Nations Church Houston
November 15

About My Family

I am currently a graduate student earning a Master of Divinity degree at Houston Baptist University (HBU). I am also on staff at Nations Church Houston, which is a multiethnic church.

I live with my wife, Jin-sook, in Houston, Texas. We have been living in Houston for about two and a half years. Both of us were born and raised in South Korea. Our family members include parents and relatives living in South Korea.

Influenced by my parents, I was a Buddhist while living in South Korea. I met Jin-sook for the first time at a new faculty orientation at Temple University in Philadelphia. Jin-sook was a Christian. I converted to Christianity in August 2016, two months before we got married. Since then, I have been joyfully walking with Jesus Christ as I serve in the multiethnic ministry, study at seminary and spend time in His Word.

About My Church Plant

My ministry focuses on discipleship, leading small groups and evangelism in the community, including the HBU campus and the church. I plan to plant more multiethnic churches in the Houston area where diverse ethnic groups live.

I have been leading a weekly discipleship and Bible study with three young adults who are former and current HBU students. The students are of three different nationalities. We study God's Word, fellowship and cast vision. When we first began to meet, one of them was an unbeliever. He was baptized in January 2020 and has been faithfully attending our meetings. Each group member has been steadily growing strong in Christ.

I have been also evangelizing HBU students and people who are lost on campus.

NAMB Church Planting

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Jong-Ho Kim

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Please pray for wisdom and strength to effectively share the gospel with university students and people who are lost in the city of Houston. Pray they will be open to the message of the gospel and that many people who are lost get saved and restored through faith in Jesus Christ.


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