Miranda Laughlin

Grace Harbor Church, Rhode Island

Evangelism Catalyst
Providence Rhode Island
Grace Harbor Church
August 20

About My Family

Miranda and her family live just outside of Providence, R.I. Miranda is married to Derek, and they have three children, Dietrich (age 6), Kristoph (age 4) and Heidi (infant, born 8/8/20).

Miranda has a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies along with Licensure in Early Childhood Education from Colorado State University.

Miranda and Derek met while working for Eagle Lake Camp of the Navigators in Colorado, and after being married, lived in Dallas, Texas, for seven years. While in Dallas, Derek completed schooling to become a biblical counselor, and Miranda worked as a lead teacher in an urban elementary school.

The Laughlins moved to Providence in May 2017. Derek is the director and lead counselor of Paradigm Biblical Counseling. Miranda has spent the past three years working as the director of a youth outreach program.

About My Ministry

Miranda is an evangelism catalyst with Grace Harbor Church. As an evangelism catalyst, Miranda initiates and oversees the planning and implementation of outreach strategies in and around Providence. This includes cultivating a relationship between Paradigm Biblical Counseling and the community with classes as a means of intentional evangelism and discipleship.

Also, Miranda connects different churches in the area as a means of building deep, gospel-centered community, discipleship relationships and evangelism in Providence. Finally, Miranda creates opportunities for church members to interact with community organizations to build relationships and engage people with the gospel.

Miranda is passionate about all people learning personally who Christ really is, how good God is and what the Bible truly says and sharing that with others.

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Miranda Laughlin

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Pray for God to prepare the way and give Miranda wisdom in cultivating outreach opportunities. Pray for boldness for Miranda and other believers in Providence in sharing the gospel and for open hearts among the people with whom they build relationships. Pray that through this ministry, more people would come to saving faith and desire to share the gospel with others. Pray for stamina and longevity in ministry for the Laughlin family amidst attacks from the enemy.


Please partner with this ministry through regular intercessory prayer. Also, you can partner financially as an individual/family monthly supporter. Provide for the ministry with a financial gift or gifts. Support the Laughlins personally with encouraging reminders that they aren't alone. Ask Miranda and Derek about what other ways you can support their ministry.
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