Nathan Piotrowski

Calvary Baptist Church, Colorado
Lead Church Planter
Monument Colorado
Calvary Baptist Church
May 21

About My Family

Dear partners in ministry!  Hello from Colorado! Ruth and I hope you are well. I’m just thinking about all the family and friends we have stretched across the U.S….from Washington to Vermont and New York to Texas, everywhere in between, and now Colorado (again). :)  We feel so blessed by God to have journeyed with you over the years. And, it’s so clear that every step of the way, even the ones that took us by surprise, God has been directing us, preparing us, and allowing us to be used by Him. We’re so thankful for the Lord and for you over all these years! As you know, God provided me with a wonderful opportunity to teach 8th grade English at a local public charter school. I cannot tell you what a blessing it was to spend time with these students, get to know them, and minister to many over the school year. It’s hard to explain, but as a first-year teacher, my heart became really attached to this class. It is also evident that God has used this position to allow us to plug into our local community and establish many wonderful relationships here. It feels as if He is positioning us for long-term ministry in Monument, but we are praying through that as you’ll see. On our home church front, we love being a part of Calvary Baptist up in Denver. They are focused on the Gospel, and they’re totally on mission planting and replanting churches in what seems like everywhere. The thing we love most about the church, however, is how the pastors/elders are so invested in loving and caring for their people. It is truly remarkable to see their commitment to the people God has given them to shepherd.  On the home front, we just got back from a nice family trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was fun to see Mount Rushmore and especially bear country—a drive-through park where bears and wolves are running out in the open around your car—it was crazy. The bear cubs at the end were especially adorable. I think the highlight of the trip for the kids, however, was the hotel pool. :)  On a very cool ministry note, Ruth has been given a pretty big responsibility, and lots of freedom, to edit a book written by Mark Hallock, lead pastor of Calvary Englewood. This book is written specifically for churches who are considering being replanted. So not only is she enjoying editing and writing, but she’s learning even more about the replanting process by reading Mark’s words over and over. :)

About My Church Plant

As I mentioned before, a great joy to me this past Spring has been my ministry to students. I launched a Bible study group in January called “Band of Brothers” (or BOB) for the 8th grade boys I teach. The Lord has really blessed this. There is a solid core of 12+ boys meeting weekly to walk through the Gospel. We spent the majority of the Spring discussing sin, the Savior, and what saving faith is. To see the light switch on for many of these guys, again, has been a real joy. They have also asked to continue to meet through the summer and next year as freshmen, which we will do. We concluded the school year with our first BOB outreach. It was a great turnout. We had some fun games and the Gospel was clearly shared! I’ve also had the opportunity to preach at a few churches in the area. Most of these have been Calvary “replants” or churches near Monument. It’s such a privilege to be able to preach God’s Word—a shout out to NETS and Christ Memorial Church for investing so much time in preparing me to preach the Gospel. Now, here’s what we’re especially excited to share, our plan for this summer: As I mentioned, it feels like the Lord is stirring in our hearts and giving us an increasing burden for this community He’s landed us in. As in many areas, there are a lot of unchurched people here (we’re right on the I-25 corridor). What really gets me, though, are the people I’ve met and the stories I’ve heard. There is a lot going on under the radar of this nice looking suburbia…a lot of pain and broken relationships. I began to see this day 1 with my students. But here’s the thing: we know that the answer is the Gospel—as it always is. What exactly do I mean? What I mean is that the root cause of it all is our own sin, that we’ve determined to live our lives our way, that we pursue heaven on earth. And here, it is easy to hide behind the suburban mask of money or distract ourselves with endless activities and choices, but it just doesn’t work. There is only one answer for our sin and that’s the cross. That God would send His own Son, not only to pay the penalty for our sin through his death, but to lead us into new life, now, through His resurrection. We know that when we put our faith in Christ we are given His Spirit. And this necessarily changes us into new people…a people of joy and love. Praise God for this Good News! So the point is that there are good churches in Monument, but we can’t help but see that there is a need for more good churches in Monument, that the Gospel might take more of a hold on people’s hearts here. So, with guidance from the pastors at Calvary, we are pursuing a focused ministry initiative in Monument this summer to discern how the Lord may be leading us to serve this community. (On a side note, I am so thankful the Lord has given me a job that allows this flexibility over the summer.) In addition to meeting with local pastors this week, we’ll be holding outreach events every three weeks. We’ll also be launching our first Monument community group on Wednesday evenings. It will meet every week throughout the summer. The goal of the group is to fellowship together, get a vision for the Gospel, and pray for clarity on the future. A number of people have expressed an interest in being a part of this so we’re excited to see what happens. With this group, we are specifically asking for God to show us if He would have us plant a church here. If that’s not the case, we’re praying that He would open a door to perhaps replant with an existing church here. And, if either of those options don’t fly, we’ll continue to wait on Him and pray for where He would have us serve His Church here in Colorado. We want to remain open handed through it all. Thank you for reading, and for you partnership in this Kingdom work!For Christ,Nathan and Ruth

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Here’s how you can pray for us: 1. Please pray for my meetings with local pastors. That I would receive favor and solid guidance from these men, and that we would share the same mindset in partnering for the Kingdom. 2. That God would bless our monthly outreaches...that many would come, hear the Gospel, and respond. 3. That the Lord would bring many to our first community group meeting, that He would grow it over the summer, that those who are a part of it would be blessed as we fellowship together, and that God would use it to guide us with future ministry decisions especially regarding church planting or replanting. 4. And finally, for Monument, that the Gospel would continue to transform lives here and that Christ would be exalted.


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