Preston Eggler

Catalyst Church Anchorage, Alaska

Lead Church Planter
Anchorage Alaska
Catalyst Church Anchorage
June 1

About My Family

My wife, our daughter and I moved to Alaska in May 2016 when God called us into ministry from Atlanta, Ga. Since then we have added another daughter to our family. Our family of four (Preston, Meagan, Scarlet and Linya) lives on the northeast side of Anchorage, very near the Mountain View neighborhood. We left Georgia because we knew God was calling us to reach the people in this area by using the things we've been through in the past to relate to them. 

About My Church Plant

We are very fortunate and blessed to be leading two ministries here. We started with The Centre first in August of 2016. It is an outreach and mentoring ministry to at-risk youth in Anchorage. Our focus is on the Mountain View neighborhood and surrounding areas. The kids here face some major obstacles, such as drug and alcohol addiction, abuse of all kinds, predation, gangs and violence in and out of the home. We also have our church plant, Adelphoi, which started around Easter 2017. There is so much brokeness and hurting here, but we see that as more opportunity to see people come to life through the power of God. This is one of the hardest areas I have witnessed for light to penetrate the darkness. We are immensely honored to be serving here and would love to see others partner with us here in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Preston Eggler

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–For receptive hearts among the people in these communities. –For churches and individuals to partner with us. –For the Father to send more workers into His harvest to join in the calling here. –For the marginalized children and teens of Anchorage.


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