Shaun Terrell

Jericho Missionary Baptist Church, New York
Military Chaplaincy
Ft. Drum New York
Jericho Missionary Baptist Church
August 4

About My Family

I am a dedicated Christian man and have been serving the Lord in gospel ministry for 25 years now. I began ministry at the age of 19, as a member of Jericho Missionary Baptist Church, which is a Southern Baptist church in Lynchburg, Va.

I have pastored two churches, served in women's prison ministry, preached in many churches and earned a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Arts in Theology and Religion. My future goal is to attain Clinical Pastoral Education certification so I can continue in hospital ministry, which is my passion calling.

About My Ministry

Currently I am an Army Chaplain who served in the Army Reserve for five years. My service involved a deployment to Kuwait with 48th Combat Support Hospital as a hospital chaplain. After that, I entered active duty, serving at Ft. Detrick, Md. as Signal Chaplain. I am currently at Ft. Drum, N.Y., with the 91st Military Police Battalion as Police Chaplain.

I also serve as the senior pastor of Inspirational Gospel Service. In my ministry footprint, I'm providing spiritual, marital and relationship counseling for soldiers and families, averaging about 20 counseling sessions a month. Or, I'm visiting soldiers around the battalion, including fire department and K-9s, and coordinating strong bonds and community outreach events.

SBC Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is a vital frontline ministry and extension of the local church. Chaplains reach the lost among the thousands of men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces, correctional facilities, healthcare settings, public safety, disaster relief sites and corporate environments. SBC Chaplains care for the broken, offer hope to the hopeless and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in hard to reach places.
The qualifications expected of a Southern Baptist applying for endorsement as a chaplain or counselor are established by the using agency and the Chaplains Commission, SBC. These qualification requirements vary according to the type of chaplaincy or counseling ministry involved but all are expected to meet a high level of ministerial competence.


Pray for boldness to share the gospel and open hearts among the people to whom I minister. Pray for people to come to saving faith in Jesus. Pray for more to become missionaries and chaplains.


Commit to long-term prayer support. Explore the opportunities to extend the reach of your church by becoming a chaplain. Be involved in supporting chaplains and their families. Send notes of encouragement. Talk with a chaplain about his or her ministry context. Send resources that support a chaplain's ministry context. Pray for chaplains and their families.
NAMB does not provide compensation for SBC endorsed chaplains. However, a general fund is available to receive donations in support of the ministry and pastoral care to SBC endorsed chaplains. To donate, please visit Support Chaplaincy (
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