Timothy Robinson

The Haven Church, Massachusetts
Lead Church Planter
FITCHBURG Massachusetts
The Haven Church
November 24

About My Family

I was born in Monroe, La. I was raised by my grandmother and my aunt. My mom had me at a young age. She did what she could, but she needed help. My childhood was difficult to say the least. The longing for a relationship with my biological father caused me to look for love in the wrong places, like the streets. My grandmother was a Christian, but I struggled believing in a God who was killed on a cross. I was involved in gangs and was taking drugs to the point that I was kicked out of my home.
My wife, Toni, was raised in Marion, Ohio. Her family was not religious, and she was heavily into drugs. She found herself addicted to drugs and living a reckless life. I joined the military because I had nowhere to go. I was sent to Korea for a year, and I considered this a fresh start. I was introduced to many different belief systems, but any belief I had as a child about God was long gone due to my hardened heart because of my past.
My wife also joined the military around that time, and we met through a mutual friend. We fell in love and married right before I was sent to Natick, Mass. We both hated Massachusetts, and we were not getting along with each other. We both were still struggling with our addictions and our brokenness from our past. Toni could no longer deal with my depression and anger, and she decided to leave. I decided I wanted to die, and I purposed in my heart to kill myself that week.
On the night before I was going to commit suicide, I stepped outside to sit on the porch. I looked at the sky and said, “If you’re real, you have less than 24 hours to prove it.” The next day a lady named Joanne knocked on my door. She asked if she could measure my windows. She was moving in soon and wanted to go shopping. I told her to go away, but she begged me, promising me it would only take a second. I let her in and she started to measure the windows. As she was measuring the windows she started to sing “Amazing Grace.” I asked her if she was one of those Christians, and she said yes. She invited me to church and called her pastor on the spot! I told him I wouldn’t come, but he begged me. I asked my wife to attend church with me the night before she planned to leave.
We went to church, and after the service the pastor invited us to his office to talk. I asked him, “Why would a God have to die?” It was then that the pastor gave me the gospel and explained “Grace.” It touched my heart and opened my eyes to all the sin and pain I had caused others in my life. Most important, it opened my eyes that I had sinned against a holy, righteous and loving God. It opened my wife’s eyes to the fact that the love she was seeking, couldn’t be found in drugs.
My wife and I were saved July 29, 2009. We spent every day with the pastor and deacons, and it was amazing to see the change of the mind and heart that salvation brings. We spent so many nights repenting and thanking God for being so forgiving. As of now, we have four girls and two boys: Ayla, Micah, Janessa, Seriah, Timothy and Jullien. The reason we know that the Lord has called us to Fitchburg is the fact that we didn’t go looking for this ministry, it came to us.

About My Church Plant

We moved to Fitchburg, Mass., because I got a wonderful job working for the veteran's hospital. I needed a place to stay, so I took an apartment in Fitchburg because it was cheap and I didn’t plan on living there for long. When I would come home from work there would be kids from the neighborhood at my home. My wife would invite them over for dinner. My wife explained that these kids run the streets all day and most of them have no idea where their parents are.
I did some follow up and found out that some of their parents were in bondage to drugs, recovering or in jail. We started a ministry called the Fitchburg Youth Haven with eight kids from our neighborhood. We would preach the Word, give them food and clothes, and just show love to these kids. We quickly went from eight to 25 kids so I reached out to their parents. Some of the parents started to come to our events. That is when we started a Bible study in our home to reach the parents. It was then I quit my job at the veteran's hospital and started working at a hospital in the city of Fitchburg. There I saw the drug problem first hand.
To say that Fitchburg is experiencing a heroin epidemic is an understatement. God called us to Fitchburg because He knows that we know what the people of Fitchburg need. They need a relationship with God. They need to find joy in God alone. The false idols of this world cannot bring peace. My wife and I had put our trust in people, drugs and even our marriage. None of that will give the peace and joy we all desire. We are a living testimony to the people of Fitchburg that God can heal brokenness. God can create beauty out of ashes.
We are planting this church so others can experience the hope, joy and love we experienced when we trusted in Jesus Christ. Urban ministry is difficult, and it takes time. We understand that. We have weighed the cost, but we know that seeing families restored, chains broken and disciples made will be worth it all.

NAMB Church Planting

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Please pray that God would provide more workers and partners to come alongside us to minister in this city. Please pray also for provision of supplies to create a nursery and teen room, big enough for our kids.


Partner with us in this ministry. Send missions teams to help with outreach. Provide much needed resources, especially for a nursery and teen room.
Many missionaries build a team to join their ministry in prayer, participation, and provision. These friends, family and churches support missionaries beyond the tithes and offerings given within the church plant. Visit sendnetwork.com/PlanterFunding for NAMB's policy on providing for church plants.
Fund ID: SQ3PN6-robinson,timo