Ben Beck

Launch Campus Ministry, Indiana

009768-Beck, Ben
Collegiate/University Missionary
Lafayette Indiana
Launch Campus Ministry
September 30

About My Family

I met my spouse, Nettie, while we were students in our campus ministry at Pittsburg State University back in the '90s. We have two amazing daughters who participate in ministry as often as their busy schedules allow. Michaela is our eldest daughter, and Breanna is our younger daughter.

About My Ministry

We serve as campus ministers at Purdue University. Launch Campus Ministry—formerly known as Purdue Collegiate Ministry, Baptist Collegiate Ministry and Baptist Student Union—has existed at Purdue for now more than 57 years. The purpose of the ministry is to help students grow in their spiritual journey, from those who have never had a relationship with Jesus Christ to those who don't remember ever living without a relationship with Him. We are training up leaders through student leadership and helping them discover whether they are called to ministry as a vocation or called to a missional life in their careers.

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Ben Beck

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Pray for us as we continue to have turnover because students graduate yearly. Every fall we have to reach out to a new group of students. Pray that we can see students accept Jesus Christ and also pray that those who are Christians will grow and be prepared to serve in ministry when they graduate. Pray that we will see students devote their lives to Him and follow God's call to vocational ministry also.


You can join what God is doing with students at Purdue and around the world through prayer support. If your church is located in the area, there are opportunities to participate in some of our events. If you are interested please contact us. Be involved in supporting missionaries and their families. Pray for missionaries.
Many missionaries build a team to join their ministry in prayer, participation, and provision. These friends, family and churches support missionaries beyond the tithes and offerings given within the church plant. Visit for NAMB's policy on providing for church plants.
Fund ID: 009768-Beck, Ben