Bruce Sabin

University Church, Florida

Collegiate/University Missionary
Lakeland  Florida
University Church
August 11

About My Family

My wife, Jennifer, and I have been married since 1998. We felt called to college ministry early, so I attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and then earned a doctorate in university administration at the University of Central Florida. I worked in a few universities as an administrator and as a professor.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Miami, where she was very active in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM), even serving as its president one year. We have three kids, who are all named after missionaries: Charlotte Moon (born 2007), Mary Mitchell (born 2009) and Hudson Taylor (born 2012).

About My Ministry

In 2014, I felt God leading me to go full time into college ministry. I wanted to go somewhere largely unreached, so I began researching schools in New England and out West that had no college ministry. As I discussed possibilities with church leaders in those areas, God led me to start a ministry at a brand new university that was opening just miles from my home in Lakeland.

Florida Polytechnic University (Florida Poly) is the 12th and newest state university, and it has a particular focus on science and engineering degrees. As a new university, Florida Poly was essentially an unreached community. Jennifer and I have served here from the university's first days. In January 2018, we partnered with Kathleen Baptist Church and the South Florida Baptist Association to plant a new church, University Church, on the Florida Poly campus.

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Bruce Sabin

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For Christian students to develop a passion for reaching their classmates for Christ. For University Church members to develop a gospel-centered community. For God to change the hearts of non-believing students so they would come to believe and live the gospel. For God to work in such an amazing way that we could not possibly take the credit.


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