Cecil Cogswell

The Bridge Gathering, Ontario

Evangelism Catalyst
Plympton-Wyoming Ontario
The Bridge Gathering
October 30

About My Family

My wife and I were both born in small fishing villages on the east coast of Canada near the New England states. I was saved at 19 and felt God's call upon my life to proclaim the gospel message. I completed university as a professional forester and, through God’s providence, met my wife, Jayne, at a local church. We were married and began our first year of ministry in a Christian day school. Shortly thereafter we felt God’s call to go to seminary in north Minneapolis, Minn., where we became interested in missions and responded to a call to go to Toronto, Ontario. We planted a church in Mississauga, executed a church merge and established a Chinese congregation, in more recent years.

We have two talented daughters who are presently married. We have two precious grandchildren.

About My Ministry

We currently feel God’s call to the city of Sarnia and Lambton County in southwestern Ontario. We are connected to Port Huron, Mich., via the Bluewater Bridge and have found that our new ministry might well reflect this well-recognized landmark. We are known as the Bridge Gathering—connecting community to Christ. This is a completely new field to us; therefore, we appreciate the prayers of the saints as we seek out those who will become the core families of a new church.

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Cecil Cogswell

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We ask God to bring seekers who may desire to be part of a small group ministry that we intend to start up in the months ahead.


We desire to conduct regular outreach events in our area and greatly appreciate anyone who desires to assist us in these fishers of men experiences.
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