Clifford McCray, Jr.

Radiant City Church , Florida
Lead Church Planter
Boca Raton Florida
Radiant City Church
January 23
As a 501(c)(3) organization, the North American Mission Board respects the intent of givers while retaining discretion over the use of all gifts. Any gifts received above the specific need will be applied where the need is greatest.

About My Family

I have been married to my amazing wife, Crystal, for seven years. We have known one another since we were 11 years old, growing up in South Fla., together and attending the same middle and high schools.

Crystal lives as an everyday missionary in the workplace as an educator and teacher. She serves as a musician and kids ministry supporter within the life of our church. We have two joy-filled and very busy children. Naomi is 5 years old, and Judah is 4 years old.

About My Church Plant

South Florida is an area that is extremely beautiful, but broken with great gospel need. These realities led us to return to South Florida with a heart to see a multiethnic, multiplying and gospel-centered movement.

As co-lead pastor of Radiant City, I provide leadership to the scattered church, while Cameron Debity provides leadership to the gathered church. I am passionate about disciple making and multiethnic ministry, equipping and mobilizing all believers to reach the lost and teach the found.

Our church's vision is to be a diverse family on mission, committed to pushing back darkness with the light of Jesus, in South Florida and beyond.

NAMB Church Planting

Millions living in North America have not been reached with the gospel. But a new church makes change possible in an unreached neighborhood.
Send Network church planters immerse themselves in a community, learning the rhythms and culture as they establish relationships with the lost. A church plant grows out of the evangelism efforts of the planter and his core team.


Here are some ways you can be praying for our family and church: Pray for our family and team as they work together in ministry.Pray for the faithful preaching of God's Word in the life of our church. Pray for boldness in evangelism. Pray for fruit in conversion. Pray that God would provide for the needs of the church. Pray for laborers, as the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. Pray that God would enable us to be gracious in gospel contextualization as we live on mission here.


Your generosity fuels the mission. If God is leading you to give, please let us know about your commitment. This will bring great encouragement to us and assist us in planning and planting. We'd love to build relationships with you from afar and nearby. You can build relationships with our family, team members and their families. Send notes of encouragement. Learn birthdays and anniversaries so you can send gifts and cards.
Learn the church plant, its strategy and context, so you can provide relevant resources. Support a church planter financially.