Daniel DaCunha

Grace Harbor Church, Rhode Island

Collegiate/University Missionary
Providence  Rhode Island
Grace Harbor Church
May 5

About My Family

A lifelong Rhode Islander, I grew up in a Christian home and heard the gospel from a young age, but it wasn't until shortly after college that the Lord saved me and gave me new life in Christ. I was baptized into membership at Grace Harbor Church in Providence, R.I., and soon met Jess, a beautiful young lady who was then the student president of our church's ministry at Johnson & Wales University.

Yes, that's my wife above. She actually did marry me! The Lord ultimately used our mutual love for both His Word and His people to draw us together. As we served our church with our gifts, prayed and grew in Christ together, my desire to do Christian ministry became clear.

While Jess continues to serve in women's ministry and discipleship in the local church, I work full time as a collegiate campus minister.

About My Ministry

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) at Johnson & Wales University was birthed out of a desire to see college students become disciple makers on campus. Part of being a disciple is obeying Jesus as a meaningful member of a local church. That remains one of our goals with each student. Through teaching, one-on-one discipleship, group events and many more avenues, I have the privilege of creating a culture of biblical Christianity for the next generation.

My job is similar to a faithful pastor's job: to equip the saints (or students) for the work of the ministry and to preach the gospel to the lost. I model what it looks like to be a campus evangelist and then give students the tools, vision and mandate to fulfill the Great Commission in their immediate context. May Johnson & Wales be a campus where the name of Jesus Christ is magnified!

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Daniel DaCunha

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Pray that our goal would be reached—that Jesus Christ would be magnified and worshiped by students at Johnson & Wales. Pray that many students would come to faith in Christ and be baptized into membership at a gospel-preaching local church. Pray that students with CSF would be bold in sharing their faith with their classmates, teachers and campus workers. Pray that I would not grow weary in doing the Lord's work. Pray that volunteers and helpers would not grow weary. Pray that students would grow in Christ—that they would fight sin, be faithful to Him and consistently walk with the Lord. Pray that Jess and I would be fully supported financially and trust the Lord for His provision.


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