David Lowery

Calvary Church Lakewood, Colorado

Church Planting Team Member
Lakewood Colorado
Calvary Church Lakewood
September 21

About My Family

In 2011, I moved to Denver, Colo., for college. Thankfully God orchestrated that I would find a healthy local church named Calvary where I would attend and serve throughout my entire undergraduate experience. Calvary Church passionately believes in planting new churches in Denver and the state of Colorado.
In my final semester at college I was given an amazing opportunity to help plant another Calvary Church in the Lakewood area of Denver. Right now I am on staff as the worship minister, serving this local community with my gifts in music, occasionally preaching and helping to lead our small groups. Most important, I see myself as a missionary to this city, seeking to make Jesus non-ignorable in Denver-Lakewood and to the ends of the earth.

About My Church Plant

God has placed me within the ranks of a local church family that I could never have imagined being blessed to be a part. This church family is actually made up of a family of churches, as we call it, that started with a very small church called Calvary Church in Englewood (a suburb of Denver, just south of the heart of the city) that God grew and used to love the people there and tell them of who Jesus is and what He has done for them.
Eventually this church grew enough to send out people from among them to plant another church in Littleton (another suburb of Denver). God continued to work through these two local communities, and soon they were able to send people to plant a church in the heart of Denver, the suburb of Aurora, even other towns outside Denver. Among these is a church plant in Lakewood, which is the suburb just west of the heart of the city. This is where I live and where Calvary Church Lakewood meets, worships and seeks to make joyful passionate disciples.

NAMB Church Planting

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David Lowery

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The Lakewood area desperately needs Jesus. Many of the people here are un-churched and openly non-religious. There is confusion, hurt, disorder and deceit proliferated by the nearby new age cult, Planned Parenthood and Mormon Ward, to name a few. So please pray that God uses me and my fellow missionaries to be salt and light, showing and telling the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly so He might be non-ignorable to the people here, and that many repent, believe and place their trust in the saving work of Jesus. Pray that God would do the work only He can do in the hearts of men and women while using us as His instruments of mercy and messengers of His good news.


–Pray. Join me and my brothers and sisters in the mission field of Lakewood, Colo., in prayer for the lost and unsaved within this community, for enduring strength and faithfulness of our church in our call to make disciples, and ultimately for God to be glorified in all that this church stands for and does. –Give. Partner with me in this call and mission. –Stay connected. Come back to this page for updates on what's happening and how things are going here at Calvary Lakewood. My hope and goal is to maintain contact with you in order to encourage you in that first step and to be blessed by what God is doing in this world, whether you are near or far.
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