George Loper

San Carlos Apache Detention Center, Arizona

009733-Loper, George
Evangelism Catalyst
San Carlos Arizona
San Carlos Apache Detention Center
May 21

About My Family

After missionary service in Old Mexico for 24 years, Karen, who is my wife, and I moved to Nebraska and served eight years as Hispanic church planting catalysts. We served jointly with the Eastern Nebraska and Northeast Nebraska Baptist Associations. Three years of that time we served as North American Mission Board (NAMB) missionaries. In 2010, I was called by the San Carlos Southern Baptist Association in Arizona to serve as the director of missions. I retired from San Carlos Southern Baptist Association in 2012, but continued as a NAMB missionary. At present we are serving as church planting team members with the North American Mission Board. We have been married 52 years and have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

About My Ministry

In light of our cross-cultural ministry background, we are serving to strengthen, encourage, consult and equip needy churches in Arizona. We serve Anglo, Hispanic and Native American churches. We are available as God leads to encourage and help where help is needed in His kingdom building. Presently, we are serving on the Apache Reservation in the San Carlos Adult/Juvenile Rehabilitation/Detention Center and in the San Carlos Apache Baptist Church in Peridot, Ariz., where we are members. With the help of contacts made within the jail, we are doing Bible studies with ex-inmates with the plan of seeing a new church start.

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George Loper

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For churches as they prepare to send out missionaries and chaplains to push back lostness in North America. For receptive hearts among the people in communities where these missionaries and chaplains will serve. For churches and individuals to partner with missionaries and chaplains and to give of their time and talents. For the Father to send more workers into His harvest to join these missionaries.


Connect as a Sending Church or a Supporting Church with a missionary’s work. Commit to long-term missions support with your missionary partner. Be involved in supporting missionaries and their families. Pray for missionaries.
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