James McDonald

Callihan Baptist Church, Kentucky
Barbourville Kentucky
Callihan Baptist Church
December 19

About My Family

"The problems in our school systems started when they took prayer and the Bible out of school." I hear that statement all the time and the problem with it is that it is not true. The Bible can and is still being taught in school systems in Southeastern Kentucky and in many other places all over this country with the utilization of a program called Bible Release. Bible Release is legal in all fifty states and groups such as the A.C.L.U. have vowed not to fight it as along as it is being done according to the mandated guidelines. The two basic guidelines that make Bible Release legal is that it must be done off of school property and that it is not promoted by the school. It is, however, done during the school day, usually during arts and humanities. We have a school bus that has been converted into a mobile classroom that we park on the side of the county road just in front of the school. Once a month, per classroom, we go into the school and escort the students out to the bus. We then have about forty-five minutes to do the lesson. Each lesson reinforces a positive character trait such as Anger vs. Self Control and is illustrated by a Bible story. Lessons are also enhanced with various teaching aids such as Picture books, Flannel Graph figures, Puppets, Flashcards, Visualized Songs, Memory Verses, and Object lessons. More importantly, each lesson tells what the Bible says about: God, Sin, and God’s remedy for Sin. At the end of each school year we give the students an opportunity to respond to the Gospel and in our ten years of doing Bible Release, we have averaged about 10 percent of our students making a profession of faith. We currently serve between 800 to 1000 students each month with a potential to double that amount in the next few years. Most statistics suggest that 85 percent of people that make a profession of faith will do so between the ages of four and fourteen, most of whom attend public school. That makes the public school system, not only the largest mission field in the country but also potentially the most productive mission field in the country.

About My Ministry

I pastor Callihan Baptist Church in Knox County Kentucky. Like a lot of churches in the county, it is over a hundred years old. Presently, we are a small congregation of about 20 faithful members. Our mission at Callihan Baptist Church is to be a blessing to our friends and neighbors, showing them the love of God through good works and using those good works as an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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