John Tessalee

Sower Church , Nebraska

Collegiate/University Missionary
Lincoln Nebraska
Sower Church
April 11

About My Family

Hi there! I'm John. I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. I studied at the University of Nebraska (UNL) in Lincoln, Neb., and now work for UNL, specifically with international students.

I met my wife, Brittany, at Sower Church, which is the church we attend. Brittany works as a full-time mom, raising our boys, David and Levi. During what little free time she has, she enjoys sipping coffee, growing vegetables and watching/reading anything related to Joanna Gaines.

David is our intellectual, articulate and ultra-competitive child who loves to play any musical instrument he can get his hands on. When he is in his room and quiet, it's normally because he's reading or drawing.

Levi is our action-packed, risk-taking, bulldozer of a younger brother who learned how to climb before he could crawl. When he is quiet in his room, we tend to worry.

About My Ministry

Over the past 30+ years, God has used Sower Church to minister to the international students of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. In the 10+ years I have attended Sower, we've served people from every continent on earth (minus Antarctica). In those 10 years, UNL has averaged around 2,400 enrolled international students every year.

Like myself, most of the international students come to UNL seeking knowledge and to find a good life for themselves and their families. This ministry directs them to the one who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

As someone who shares the experience of being an international student at UNL, I believe it is my God-given responsibility to help point international students to the God who determined this time and this place for them to live. The hope is that they will reach out and find Christ.

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John Tessalee

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Pray we would have clear-cut opportunities to share the gospel and to show kindness to international students. Pray for wisdom as I continue to work as a university staff member and that God will have favor on me in my work. Pray for connections to Bible-following churches in the home countries of the international students so they can continue to be plugged in.


Please do pray for me, and let me know that you are. I'd sure appreciate it if you did both regularly. For more details on how you can participate, feel free to email me at, add me as a friend on Facebook, and/or text/call me at 402-617-0622. You can also drop by to Sower Church at 2640 R St, Lincoln, NE 68503 where you can find me most Sundays. God bless!
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