John Wyman

Fellowship of Grace–First City, Kansas
Church Planter Apprentice
Leavenworth Kansas
Fellowship of Grace–First City
February 23

About My Family

My wife, D, and I have lived in Kansas for more than 10 years. Last year we moved from Lansing, Kan., to Leavenworth to live in the community in which we feel called to serve.

I grew up outside Boston and spent 20 years in the Army before retiring here in Kansas. D grew up in Muskogee, Okla., and lived in several parts of the country while in the Navy and in her medical career.

I've had the blessing to serve as the missions pastor at Fellowship of Grace in Parkville, Mo., for the past three years, and both D and I have had the opportunity to serve on mission throughout the United States and overseas.

About My Church Plant

I have felt called to plant in Leavenworth for several years and am excited as we get ready to open in fall 2020. Leavenworth is known as the First City of Kansas, incorporated in 1857. The city is primarily made up of lifelong residents and military members and their families assigned to Fort Leavenworth. Only about 7% of people here identify themselves as evangelical, and the neighborhood is largely underserved.

Despite this, there is a hunger for an answer to the challenges people face, and we are having increasing conversations where people are receptive to praying and learning about God. Our mission is to help every person fulfill God’s dream for his or her life. We want to see the people of Leavenworth come to a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in deeper relationship with Him.

NAMB Church Planting

Millions living in North America have not been reached with the gospel. But a new church makes change possible in an unreached neighborhood.
Send Network church planters immerse themselves in a community, learning the rhythms and culture as they establish relationships with the lost. A church plant grows out of the evangelism efforts of the planter and his core team.


Pray the people in Leavenworth will be receptive to the gospel. Pray for us to make Jesus known throughout the community. Pray our physical and spiritual needs will be met here in Leavenworth. Pray for gifted leaders to serve with us. Pray for provision of a meeting place to worship. Pray for endurance and encouragement as we serve.


Commit to support us through prayer, encouragement or financial support.
Learn the church plant, its strategy and context, so you can provide relevant resources. Support a church planter financially.
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