Jonathan Gentry

Pillar Church Jacksonville, North Carolina
Military Chaplaincy
Jacksonville North Carolina
Pillar Church Jacksonville
August 14
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About My Family

I grew up a pastor’s kid in Perry, Ga., and came to faith at 8 years old.

After high school, I moved with my parents to Memphis, Tenn. While in Memphis, I fell in love with Memphis barbecue, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Memphis (2011) and was called to ministry.

I moved to Wake Forest, N.C., to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and met my future wife while in Raleigh. I graduated from SEBTS with a Master of Divinity degree in Christian Ministry (2015) and went on to complete a Master of Theology in Preaching (2019).

I am married to Rachel Teem of Raleigh, N.C. Rachel graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (2010). We have one amazing son, James (3), and a new daughter, Savannah, born in June 2022.

About My Ministry

I serve as the Chaplain for the personnel of 2nd Medical Battalion and 2D Dental Battalion at USMC Camp Lejeune.

Currently, the Lord has blessed with a consistent small group of Sailors who attend our weekly Bible study. We are looking at The Greatest Story Ever Told: A Journey from Genesis to Revelation. The study is tracing the redemptive thread that runs from the beginning of the Bible to the very end. Pray that God will help us understand the beautiful story He has written, as well as seeing more believers and unbelievers come to the Bible study.

The bulk of my ministry is counseling. My counseling is done by using biblical counseling. God has given me wonderful opportunities to see true change happen through opening up His Word in my counseling sessions. God is working through His Word to bring about change.

SBC Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is a vital frontline ministry and extension of the local church. Chaplains reach the lost among the thousands of men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces, correctional facilities, healthcare settings, public safety, disaster relief sites and corporate environments. SBC Chaplains care for the broken, offer hope to the hopeless and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in hard to reach places.
The qualifications expected of a Southern Baptist applying for endorsement as a chaplain are established by the using agency and the Chaplains Commission, SBC. These qualification requirements vary according to the type of chaplaincy involved but all are expected to meet a high level of ministerial competence.


Pray God would orchestrate opportunities for gospel conversations with Sailors and Marines. Pray God will continue to use the biblical counseling offered to bring real gospel change in the lives of the Sailors and Marines. Pray God will continue to bless the battalion Bible study with spiritual growth.


Build relationships with chaplains and their families. Send notes of encouragement. Pray for them personally. Provide financial resources to help with the distribution of biblical counseling resources.
Become personally invested in the ministry of chaplains. Learn about their ministry context, so you can provide relevant help and resources.