Josias Laporte

La Chapelle, Quebec
Montreal Quebec
La Chapelle
May 10

About My Family

I have been a nuclear medicine technologist for almost seven years and am now in full-time ministry in the local church.
My family is amazing. Débora and I have been married since 2012. We have two daughters, Keylia and Néva. Débora works in special care part time and serves in church in worship and logistics. She is a great cook and loves baking pastries.
Keylia will be 2 years old in August 2017 and makes disciples by sharing her toys with strangers and giving hugs to everyone. I love praying with Keylia because she loves joining hands and looks at me with a big smile like it is a game.
My other daughter, Néva will be 3 months old in June 2017. Through her beauty and existence, she’s a powerful witness of God's creativity and power to perform miracles. Néva, loves the sound of keys bouncing off each other, and she loves goofy faces. She delegates a lot of her responsibilities to her parents.
Our other family member is named Lili. Lili is Keylia’s blanket. :)

About My Ministry

I am a church planting intern involved in La Chappelle Rosemont and La Chappelle Mile church plants. My role is to integrate new believers or new attenders to the life of the church where they can be discipled. I teach our 101 sessions each Sunday in both church plants. I’m part of a team who contacts each person who came to our welcome kiosk by phone or email. I meet with new believers and attenders to connect with them and to answer their questions with the goal of integrating them into the life of the church.
I’m also part of the counseling team and the team that organizes and animates the welcome party every six weeks for anyone who is a new attender at one of our church plants. I’m part of the prayer night team where I preach and help with logistics. I am the leader of the connection team, which connects people with other people and invites them to our welcome kiosk. I recruit and train volunteers in the departments in which I’m involved.


For churches as they prepare to send out missionaries and chaplains to push back lostness in North America. For receptive hearts among the people in communities where these missionaries and chaplains will serve. For churches and individuals to partner with missionaries and chaplains, and to give of their time and talents. For the Father to send more workers into His harvest to join these missionaries.


Connect as a Sending Church or a Supporting Church with a missionary’s work. Commit to long-term missions support with your missionary partner. Be involved in supporting missionaries and their families. Pray for missionaries.
Many missionaries build a team to join their ministry in prayer, participation, and provision. These friends, family and churches support missionaries beyond the tithes and offerings given within the church plant. Visit for NAMB's policy on providing for church plants.
Fund ID: LI7SIG-Laporte,Josia