Kristin Charlene

New Hope Baptist Church

Evangelism Catalyst
New Hope Baptist Church
August 25

About My Family

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About My Ministry

I am an evangelism catalyst serving in the Northeast region.

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Kristin Charlene

Ministry Fund ID ZQ1BA8-Charlene,Kris
This contribution is made with the understanding that The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds, and gifts received above the specific need will be used in similar areas where the need is greatest.


Pray for open hearts among the people as I share the gospel. Pray that through this ministry, more people would come to saving faith and live on mission. Pray for stamina and longevity for ministry amidst attacks from the enemy. Pray for unity and networking among churches to assist in these efforts.


Build relationships with missionaries and their families. Send notes of encouragement.
Learn the ministry strategy and context, so you can provide relevant resources. Support a missionary financially.
Fund ID: ZQ1BA8-Charlene,Kris