Kyle Kwitowski

BluePrint Community Church, Florida

Lead Church Planter
Daytona Beach Florida
BluePrint Community Church
August 13

About My Family

I am a Florida native and love this amazing place and the people who call it home. My wife, Ayla, is Brazilian and has an incredible passion for missions and ministry.

We met during a mission trip in the Amazon where God began drawing us together. We are excited for all God has planned for us in planting this church and growing our own family. We want to see God glorified in every part of our lives.

About My Church Plant

Our aim and mission is to help others engage their world for the kingdom of God. It is truly all about Jesus and there has never been a better time to start new churches. We are creating missional communities in our city to be expressions of the church every day of the week.

Our Saturday worship services are a celebration of what God has been doing all week in the lives of church congregants. Discipleship is at the heart of our ministry. We want to see the church sent out to change the world.

We also connect with the community and others online for teaching, prayer and praises. I preach from the Word every week and seek to teach, train and empower the church to be salt and light to those around them every day of their lives. It is all about the kingdom of God.

NAMB Church Planting

Millions in North America are in desperate need of hope. Ultimately, the only hope that’s going to last - in this life and the next - is the hope of the gospel. North American missionaries build relationships and share this hope in their communities and beyond.

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Kyle Kwitowski

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Pray for community, relationship and partnership with those we meet in our community. Pray we will meet persons of peace and that doors will be opened to impact our city economically, physically and spiritually. Pray for God to provide open hearts and boldness to share the gospel. Pray that our ministry will lead more people to saving faith and life on mission. Pray for wisdom, stamina and longevity in ministry amidst attacks from the enemy.


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