Linda Otterback

Simpsonville Baptist,
Evangelism Catalyst
Simpsonville Baptist
October 20
As a 501(c)(3) organization, the North American Mission Board respects the intent of givers while retaining discretion over the use of all gifts. Any gifts received above the specific need will be applied where the need is greatest.

About My Family

EKY SONrise was started in 2000 after my first visit to Fleming Neon, Ky. It is a small community in eastern Kentucky that had been two coal mining towns. I fell in love with the people and knew God had called my husband, Larry, and me to GO! Larry and I began this ministry together helping the many areas of eastern Kentucky in a variety of ways. We work with the many missionaries who came to live in these areas of eastern Kentucky and, through that, realized that God had expanded our territories to reach and help the various Baptist missionaries who had been called.
We live in Louisville, Ky., and speak to churches, organize teams, send needed items and encourage missionaries who live and work daily in these communities. Each year, we send Christmas packages to several missions for the children. We provide retreats and prayer meetings, organize teams to go and help those on the front lines of service in any way possible.
Larry went home to the Lord in September 2016 having issues with agent orange that he received while serving in Vietnam. I am continuing our ministry and recently started a widow's ministry for churches in our state. It is called Joy in the Mourning. We have information under the Kentucky Baptist Convention women's ministry.
We have been blessed with a life filled with God's very best—52 years of marriage, two children, two grandchildren, traveling, owning our own businesses and serving God in a multitude of ways all our lives. We believe God has given us much and much is expected from us. I hope to serve Him until He calls my name, and I can join my husband. But, until then, I have much more to do for the kingdom.

About My Ministry

Beginning in 2000 to aid and comfort our friends in eastern Kentucky, EKY SONrise serves in eastern Kentucky and around the state. Joy in the Mourning is a new ministry created in 2017 for widows throughout our Blue Grass State who have lost their husbands and need to find comfort through Christ and other Christian ladies.


For churches as they prepare to send out missionaries and chaplains to push back lostness in North America. For receptive hearts among the people in communities where these missionaries and chaplains will serve. For churches and individuals to partner with missionaries and chaplains and to give of their time and talents. For the Father to send more workers into His harvest to join these missionaries. For widows who are in grieving and need support from others who have gone through what they are experiencing.


Connect as a Sending Church or a Supporting Church with a missionary’s work. Commit to long-term missions support with your missionary partner. Be involved in supporting missionaries and their families. Pray for missionaries. Support widows and help them with their needs.
Many missionaries build a team to join their ministry in prayer, participation, and provision. These friends, family and churches support missionaries beyond the tithes and offerings given within the church plant. Visit for NAMB's policy on providing for church plants.