Luke and Jordan Brungardt

Redeemer Baptist Church, California

Collegiate/University Missionary
Riverside California
Redeemer Baptist Church
November 14

About My Family

Jordan and I serve with Challenge, which is a campus ministry at California Baptist University (CBU). We met at and graduated from CBU and know firsthand the impact Challenge can have. We were very involved during our college years, and God used that to change our lives and give us hearts for ministry and seeing the gospel go to all nations.

We have no greater joy than walking alongside students as they learn what it means for Jesus to be the boss of their life. We love to teach college students how to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, giving them tools to grow in their faith and living it out with them so they can replicate discipleship with people around them.

We also want students to have a big vision for how their lives can be used by God in taking the gospel to unreached nations and people.

About My Ministry

California Baptist University (CBU) is in Southern California and has an on-campus population of about 4,000 with nearly 10,000 students enrolled. The diverse student body includes a large international population and a rapidly increasing non-believing one.

Challenge invites students to know Christ, challenges them to live their lives as biblical followers of Jesus and encourages them to teach others to do the same. We desire to be disciples who make disciples and pass on that same biblical pattern to students as they in turn invest in the lives of students on campus, in their local church and through overseas opportunities.

We hope they will believe that God's heart is for every nation, tribe and tongue to know His Son, Jesus Christ, and to worship Him alone.

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Luke and Jordan Brungardt

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Please pray the students with whom we share the gospel will be saved. Pray that the students we're discipling will learn to love God and others. Pray that the students we disciple will reproduce what we're investing in them in others. Pray that the students we disciple will see God's heart for all nations and have a big vision to play a role in reaching the nations with the gospel. Pray for us as we raise financial support to minister effectively at CBU.


Pray for missionaries. Connect with missionaries and commit to being involved with their lives and through actively supporting them. We would love for you to consider partnering with us in our ministry and not just give financially but be part of what God is doing at CBU through prayer as we minister on campus to college students!
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