Mark Warren

Journey Church,
Lead Church Planter
Journey Church
February 23
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About My Family

I'm originally from Warren, Mich., and my wife, Robin, is from Salt Lake City, Utah. We met at college in Chattanooga, Tenn. We quickly fell in love and were married 13 months to the day of our first date. We have two adult daughters, Stephanie and Danielle, who were born in Chattanooga.

Robin has published a number of fictional novels through Amazon and enjoys her writing. Stephanie, like her mom, enjoys writing. Danielle, is our songbird, as my dearly departed mother called her. Danielle and I have enjoyed traveling across the state of Florida with the Florida Worship Choir and Orchestra.

When I get some time, I enjoy blowing off a little steam with some PlayStation 3 and 4 video games—most often, Call of Duty.

About My Church Plant

God relocated our family to Tampa Bay in 1998, and we have had the privilege of ministering in a number of churches throughout the Tampa area. In addition to my church work, I have also been able to complete three units of Clinical Pastoral Education and a year-long residency at an area hospital. I have greatly enjoyed ministering to the hurting in that capacity for the past seven years.

When God extended His call for me to be in vocational ministry while still a teenager, there was within that calling a leading to plant churches. God has finally opened the door to realize that dream. We have moved into our target area and have already established a weekly community Bible study. I am excited to be establishing a vibrant, disciple-making church in a growing and spiritually needy community on the northeast side of Tampa, Fla.

NAMB Church Planting

Millions living in North America have not been reached with the gospel. But a new church makes change possible in an unreached neighborhood.
Send Network church planters immerse themselves in a community, learning the rhythms and culture as they establish relationships with the lost. A church plant grows out of the evangelism efforts of the planter and his core team.


Pray for the planter’s family as they work together in ministry. Pray the church will be established and will faithfully work to plant in other communities, too. Pray the Lord brings leaders who can help within the church. Pray for stamina and longevity for ministry amidst attacks from the enemy.


Build relationships with church planters, team members and their families. Send notes of encouragement. Learn birthdays and anniversaries, so you can send gifts and cards.
Learn the church plant, its strategy and context, so you can provide relevant resources. Support a church planter financially.