Mojic Baldandorj

Maranatha Mongolian Mission Church, Colorado
Lead Church Planter
Aurora Colorado
Maranatha Mongolian Mission Church
November 26

About My Family

The country of Mongolia was closed to the outside world during 70 years of communist regime under the former Soviet Union. No religion was allowed to exist in Mongolia. No Christian witness was available during these years. However, the country opened up in the 1990s when the communist regime fell apart in Europe. Mongolia became an open country and that is when the first Christian missionaries entered the country with the good news of Jesus Christ.

I became a Christian in December 1991. There was only a handful of new believers at the church I was attending. It was a great blessing that a New Testament was available to read in our own language, which triggered a gospel movement in Mongolia. At that time, I decided to follow Jesus to plant churches and evangelize. I met my soul mate in my church and married her in 1996.

About My Church Plant

Soon after I became a Christian, I decided to become a church planter. In my early years of faith, I traveled to many cities and villages in Mongolia to evangelize and plant new churches. In most places, we had to start a church from zero because there were no Christian witnesses. It is now estimated that there are more than 600 local churches in Mongolia with nearly 80,000 Christians in the whole country.

In 2014, we followed our calling to serve the Mongolian immigrant community in Denver. It has been stated that more than 40,000 Mongolians have immigrated to the United States. More than 1,500 Mongolians live in Denver, but there is only one Mongolian church. We have been trying to reach our community with the gospel of hope since we settled down in Denver.

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Pray for spiritual revival among the Mongolians in Denver. Most of them became very religious when they settled in new places. Buddhism and Shamanism are the main religions of the Mongolians in the U.S. Most of them have heard the gospel, probably numerous times, but their hearts are hardened. Please pray for soft and open hearts among the Mongolians regarding the gospel. Pray for the spiritual wellness of our church, Maranatha Mongolian Mission Church. We are the only Mongolian church in Denver. We continue to disciple our new believers through home groups and prayer meetings. Please pray that our church would be a spiritually well-discipled church.


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