Ric Worshill

Crossroads Community Church, Illinois
Public Safety/Community Chaplaincy
Lindenhurst Illinois
Crossroads Community Church
November 2

About My Family

I came to faith in Christ as my Messiah in 1984, from an Orthodox Jewish background. My wife, Gwen, and I have been married for 46 years. We live in Illinois, north of Chicago and just south of the Wisconsin state border. Gwen is a strong Christian and was instrumental in my coming to faith in Christ. We have two children and seven grandchildren. They all live a short drive from us. I served as an active police officer for a total of 31 years. I started serving in police chaplaincy in 1987 at my police department. My being in police work was a ministry more than a job. I retired from my police patrol duties in November of 2015, but I am still active in ministry. I love to do street evangelism. My non-ministry hobbies are ham radio (KC9ONL), building and repairing computers, electronics repair, fixing things and inventing things.

About My Ministry

Gwenn and I are both serving in chaplaincy. I am an SBC ordained minister. Currently I am serving as the NAMB Region #5 Chaplain Ambassador for six states. I am also a police chaplain for two police departments, the Illinois FOP State Lodge and the International Conference of Police Chaplains as state representative. We are on-call at hospitals. We are in SBC Disaster Relief. I served in a Messianic congregation as associate pastor. I am the executive director of the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship. This SBC fellowship has Jewish evangelism missionaries and congregations all over the world. I serve with the SBC Executive Committee, Convention Advancement Advisory Council. I am active in my local SBC association. We started Police Shomreem Ministries in 1998 and it is a 501(c)(3). Police Shomreem Ministries is our main ministry.

SBC Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is a "frontline" ministry that is vital to the extension of the local church. Chaplains reach the lost among the thousands of men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces, correctional facilities, healthcare settings, public safety, disaster relief sites and corporate environments. SBC Chaplains care for the broken, offer hope to the hopeless, and advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in hard to reach places. The qualifications expected of a Southern Baptist applying for endorsement as a chaplain or counselor are established by the using agency and the Chaplains Commission, SBC. These qualification requirements vary according to the type of chaplaincy or counseling ministry involved but all are expected to meet a high level of ministerial competence. A basic qualification from the Chaplains Commission, SBC, is that an applicant is a Southern Baptist who is a member in good standing with an SBC church. Additional qualification requirements may involve certain age limits, educational background, ministry experience, physical condition, financial and credit history, citizenship eligibility for a security clearance, certification by certain national organizations, and other qualifications specific to the Using Agency or Chaplains Commission, SBC. If you are interested in pursuing next steps as an SBC endorsed chaplain from your church, explore the possibilities at Send me. For more information about SBC Chaplaincy, visit www.namb.net/chaplaincy.


Please pray that the L-rd gives my wife and me strength and health to serve in our areas of ministry. Please pray that the L-rd will place us in positions to bring the good news to many lost people. Please pray that the L-rd will keep sending His supply for our ministry to function. For boldness to share the gospel as I interact with people. For receptive hearts among the people in communities where I serve. For people to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. For the L-rd of the Harvest to send more workers into the field to join missionaries and chaplains. Pray for our local church, NAMB and IMB missionaries. Please pray for our SBC chaplains who go where the church cannot.


Commit to long-term prayer support. Chaplains serve as an extension of the local church in places that other church members and staff sometimes cannot go. Explore the opportunities to extend the reach of your church by becoming a chaplain. Support and pray for chaplains and their families. Many chaplains are self supported. They need help to bring the gospel to the lost and encourage those who suffer. Contribute to the Cooperative Program.
NAMB does not provide compensation for SBC endorsed chaplains. However, a general fund is available to receive donations in support of the ministry and pastoral care to SBC endorsed chaplains. To donate, please visit Support Chaplaincy (missionaries.namb.net/projects/full/chaplaincy).
Fund ID: TLK0X8-Worshill,Ric