Rick Butler

Purdue Collegiate Ministry/Wabash Valley Baptist Association/State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, Indiana

Collegiate/University Missionary
West Lafayette Indiana
Purdue Collegiate Ministry/Wabash Valley Baptist Association/State Convention of Baptists in Indiana
July 16

About My Family

I was fortunate to grow up in a pastor's home where my parents loved and served Jesus Christ. Through their example and teaching, I came to know Jesus as a young boy. During my freshman year at Murray State University, I surrendered to God's call to full-time ministry. After I received my bachelor's degree in political science, I served as the youth pastor at my home church before eventually going on to obtain a Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C.
My wife, Jeanne, and I met and were married at Ninth and O Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky. She loves the Lord, and I'm very grateful we are on this journey together. God has blessed us with three wonderful children: Paige, Hilary and Kyle. They are truly gifts from God and bring us tremendous amounts of joy. Most important, each one of them is a follower of Jesus Christ.
Jeanne and I are actively involved in Calvary Baptist Church in West Lafayette, Ind. We enjoy college football, the fall season, Christmas and spending time with our kids. Jeanne likes taking walks and cooking new dishes. I love playing basketball and racquetball. We are fans of Purdue, Kentucky, Alabama and Duke.

About My Ministry

I serve on the staff of the Purdue Collegiate Ministry (PCM) at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. I work with Ben and Nettie Beck, who are the collegiate missionaries for the PCM. Purdue University has an enrollment of more than 40,000 students with one of the largest international student populations in the country. It is a wide open mission field with many opportunties to impact students from all over the world. The PCM serves along side of the Purdue International Collegiate Ministry (ICM) to reach students and help them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
The main areas where I serve are teaching at the weekly worship gatherings, leading small groups, sports/intramurals outreach and evangelistic endeavors. I follow up with new students to help them get plugged in to the PCM and a local church. I also meet with guys one on one to encourage them in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to serve on staff with the PCM and help make a difference for the cause of Christ at Purdue University.

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Rick Butler

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–For the staff of the PCM and ICM and the student leadership team. –For students to become more like Christ and boldly share His love and truth. –For our evangelistic efforts and students coming to know Christ. –For the financial and physical needs of the PCM/ICM.


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