Steve Miller

Restoration Church, Florida

Lead Church Planter
Homestead Florida
Restoration Church
September 29

About My Family

My family and I moved to Homestead, Fla., in summer 2011. I was raised in Kansas City, Mo., and my wife, Elizabeth, is a missionary kid who was born and raised in Venice, Italy. We both sensed a calling to be in a diverse culture that needed the gospel, and when we had the chance to move to South Florida, we took it and have never looked back.

We have four amazing children. Jake was born in 2008, Luke was born in 2006, Alissa was born in 2004, and Chris was born to his parents in 2003, but was officially adopted into our family in August of 2019. Chris has been for us a testimony of “love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.” We moved to Homestead intent on loving our neighbors. At that time, Chris was a 10-year-old boy down the street. We didn’t know at that time that six years later, we would get to adopt him into our family.

About My Church Plant

We started our church in November 2013 as Core Community Church. We met in a school here in town, setting up services every Sunday for years. We saw the Lord continue to fill our church with beautiful diversity, as people from many nationalities were finding a church where the focus was the life-giving message of the gospel. We also prayed that the Lord would establish our church here that we could see the gospel proclaimed for generations to come.

We saw the Lord answer that prayer on October 15, 2017, when a local Lutheran church voted to give us their property—a $2.2 million property on three acres of land just blocks north of downtown Homestead! We spent the next few years renovating the facility and moved in September 29, 2019 and officially changed our name to Restoration Church Homestead.

NAMB Church Planting

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Steve Miller

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Pray for the Lord to mature our believers so they can grow and be leaders for the kingdom in this city that so desperately needs the gospel. Pray for Jesus to restore the hearts and lives of this city we love. Pray for churches to partner in unity for the good of the city. Pray for wisdom, sensitivity to the Spirit and endurance for the leadership to run the race for the long haul in a challenging city.


You can participate in a few specific ways. Pray for us, and then write us and tell us how you are praying for us. Support our church financially as we do ministry in an expensive city and serve many under-resourced families in our community. Encourage leaders through cards and gift cards so we can date our spouses and make memories with our families amidst the trials of ministry.
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