Suzanne Perry

Wedgwood Baptist Church, British Columbia

Collegiate/University Missionary
Vancouver British Columbia
Wedgwood Baptist Church
March 30

About My Family

When God called me to cross-cultural outreach, I assumed it would mean moving overseas and immersing myself in another language and culture. Instead, God placed me in Vancouver and gave me the strategic opportunity to welcome students, staff and researchers from a wide variety of countries and religious backgrounds. I live within walking distance of the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus and use my home as part of the outreach of international student ministry.

I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with unreached people groups, extend a warm welcome and create a friendly atmosphere where they can learn and grow and encounter God. I usually visit my extended family around Christmastime and return to the States for an annual conference for international student ministers. It's challenging work and a wonderful life.

About My Ministry

UBC is one of the most multicultural campuses in the world. People from "every tribe, tongue and nation" gather here to study and do research. The international student ministry here is designed to bless people and encourage spiritual pursuits in addition to their mental and academic lives.

Planting seeds and good news requires showing genuine love and building real relationships. I'm a chaplain on campus, providing English practice, life skills (like cooking andĀ finding furniture), personal support (grief counseling, baby showers, help through girl/boyfriend trouble) and spiritual discussions (Bible studies, prayer meetings, cross-cultural evangelism). Students are also encouraged to connect with local churches in the area and to taste Canadian culture before they return to their native homeland.

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Suzanne Perry

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Please pray for university students, staff and visiting scholars from around the world who are briefly on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Please pray for Suzanne as she welcomes them and shares God's love with them. Please pray for the ones who have gone back to their home countries and the Good News they carry with them.


Please pray regularly and specifically for the ministry at UBC. Please donate generously and consistently to keep this cross-cultural outpost going.
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