Tyler Silvey

Church of the Harbor–Edgemere, Maryland
Lead Church Planter
Baltimore Maryland
Church of the Harbor–Edgemere
June 18
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About My Family

I grew up in the small, rural town of Holly Pond, Ala., to parents who were committed to raising me in church. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 10, and shortly after my family helped start a new church plant in my hometown. I served in the worship band there throughout school, before moving off to the Midwest to serve as a student worship leader at another church plant.

After graduating with a degree in worship arts from Calvary University, I met my wife, Corbyn, who grew up in California as the daughter of a pastor and church planter. We moved to Baltimore in 2014 to serve on staff and help plant Church of the Harbor (CoH).

Corbyn and myself, along with our daughter, Amelia, have been sent out from CoH as church planters in Edgemere.

About My Church Plant

Church of the Harbor–Edgemere is spreading the gospel in the community of Edgemere, which is home to approximately 9,300 people in 10.1 square miles. Our church is being planted in the former Edgemere Baptist Church building, which was shuttered about eight years ago due to declining membership and giving.

Together with former Edgemere Baptist members and a team from our Sending Church, we are working to see this new work thrive and reach the lost in Edgemere. We have already begun to connect with our neighbors through door-to-door evangelism, outreach events and regular weekly gatherings, and we expect God to continue making a difference through our new church.

NAMB Church Planting

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