Wyatt Hebblethwaite

River Church Norman, Oklahoma

Collegiate/University Missionary
Norman Oklahoma
River Church Norman
February 6

About My Family

Hello! My name is Wyatt Hebblethwaite and that gorgeous woman in the picture with me is my wonderful wife, Rachael. I am the second oldest of four. My brothers are awesome, and I never see them enough. I also have two of the best parents in the whole world. They are military service personnel who have supported me my entire life and really pushed me to become self-supporting, independent and responsible as I went through college.

Rachael and I are high-school sweethearts and, though college was initially rough for both of us, we grew to trust God and one another like never before. She helps add structure to my life while also being someone with whom I can make jokes, watch movies and dance.

About My Ministry

College ministry is my passion. If not for a student leader from the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Oklahoma (OU) who invested in my life my first year there, I would be dramatically different. God used trained disciple makers to show me what it means to be discipled and to disciple others. God got hold of my life. 
When the question of what I wanted to do after college came up, I only knew I wanted to make disciples. God opened the door of collegiate ministry to me one day as I rode with my director, and he asked me if I had ever thought about college ministry. I was sold and decided that if this is really what God wants for me that He would make it really clear. My passion has been reinforced time and time again. I am excited to raise support so other people can be part of what God has set before me!

Support the Local Ministry of

Wyatt Hebblethwaite

Ministry Fund ID IQYUAG-Hebblethwaite
This contribution is made with the understanding that The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds, and gifts received above the specific need will be used in similar areas where the need is greatest.


–Pray that God would provide financially through my team of supporters.
–Pray for the students with whom I and other staff members will be meeting.
–Pray that the students will have hearts open to the gospel.
–Pray that the students are faithful to meet with us.
–Pray that the students are available.
–Pray that the students will be teachable and excited to learn and practice what they are taught.


Please remember us in prayer as we work to bring more students into the kingdom.
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Fund ID: IQYUAG-Hebblethwaite