Xavier Torrado

Iglesia Gracia Redentora,
Public Safety/Community Chaplaincy
Iglesia Gracia Redentora
March 26
As a 501(c)(3) organization, the North American Mission Board respects the intent of givers while retaining discretion over the use of all gifts. Any gifts received above the specific need will be applied where the need is greatest.

About My Family

I was born in a Christian home in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where I had the opportunity to learn the centrality of the gospel in the development of the Christian life. From an early age, I began to develop in different ministerial areas, preaching the Word of God being one of my primary gifts.

In 2010, I began my pastoral ministry at Iglesia del Centro at Arecibo, working primarily with youth. By 2012, I was ordained as executive pastor, serving in this position until 2015.

I am married to Neysha T. Acevedo, and as fruit of our love, we have two little girls, Victoria Sofia (8 yrs) and Ana Catalina (5 yrs).

About My Ministry

The Church Gracia Redentora is a community of followers of Christ who are committed to living in the light of the gospel. We continually strive to build a faith community that lives to worship God. Our commitment is to impact the city of Vega Baja with Christ and His gospel so its people can experience a change in every dimension—spiritually, socially and culturally. 

Our mission is to make disciples, through the proclamation of the gospel, who live in worship of God, growing in holiness, loving, serving and reaching others. (Matthew 28: 19-20). Our vision is to be a community of faith that reflects the gospel in everything we do, helping others to discover their lives in Christ (Acts 2:46-47).


Pray for our family, for spiritual growth and for the project of a biblical counseling center.


Provide church building rent, church planter support or equipment. Participate in our school partnership project, community outreach and Vacation Bible School.
Many missionaries build a team to join their ministry in prayer, participation, and provision. These friends, family and churches support missionaries beyond the tithes and offerings given within the church plant. Visit sendnetwork.com/PlanterFunding for NAMB's policy on providing for church plants.