Chaplains are often called to share the gospel with people in places where the church often has little or no access. They are blessed with a heart that ministers the love of Jesus to the lost and hurting, the sick and dying, the incarcerated and isolated, to people at disaster relief sites and corporate work places, to firefighters and law enforcement officials who keep our communities safe, and members of the Armed Services who keep America secure and free.

Chaplains are not only in hospitals and in military uniforms. They are in boardrooms and classrooms. They work on the street with everyday people and in the office with everyone from an accountants to CEOs. Chaplains have virtually unlimited opportunity to serve in law enforcement, institutions, corporations and places that are sometimes closed to "professional clergy". Chaplains serve as an extension of the local church in places that other members and church staff sometimes cannot go. They need your support to continue their very important mission.

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